Team Play

Me, Tyler and Ace, got on our knees on the sofa, asses out for our two boys to earn the right to fuck us. They dove into our beefy cracks like hungry puppies. All three of us were moaning and twitching, our cocks leaking precum on the cushions. Those boys couldn’t get enough and neither could we, but boys will be boys and their young nuts were ready to bust. The only place anybody wanted those loads to blow was deep in some lucky coach’s ass.

Ace and Tyler won the lottery, as it were, and ended up with twink cocks pounding into their hungry holes while I sat back stroking my own cock watching the show. I wasn’t worried, though. I know from experience that these young guys are always worth at least two laps around the track. If I get lucky, while my buddies recover, I might just get spit roasted by the young studs.

Right then, though, the two boys had their coaches, legs up on the sofa, pounding them balls deep. Ace managed to spray a load of coach cum all over his furry chest while both boys let out a triumphant howl before blasting their loads deep in a pair of manholes. It was so fucking hot to watch! Even hotter, knowing that it’s my turn next.

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Tucked Away
Connor Patricks, Tanner Wayne and John Evans
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