Double Play

Once the Coaches have the boys alone, Coach Saint can’t keep his eyes off of Dylan. Both Coach Banner and Coach Saint move in to begin kissing the athletes’ compact little jocks. The boys’ tiny shorts do nothing to hide their growing erections as their Coaches’ hands explore their young toned bodies.

The Coaches move to their knees in tandem, taking the boys’ shorts with them as they go. Grant’s and Dylan’s jockstraps are bulging beautifully, driving both of the Coaches wild as they use their DILF lips to massage the throbbing pieces of cloth. The young athletes moan and groan as their mentors lap at their young erections. The boys give the go ahead to peel back the white jockstrap and begin sucking their cocks directly, worshiping the young jocks’ large members.

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Click Here & Get Full Access to Twink Top Click Here & Get Full Access to Twink Top
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Apprentice Tate
Eddie Patrick and Dex Devall
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