Tucked Away

My friend Grant had recently turned 18 and moved out on his own, and in exchange for a good discount, he happily gave his little hole to the giant landlord. Grant introduced Mr. Stryker and I in a group chat, and we took it to DMs and he told me to come by one of his buildings in the afternoon.

As I walked up to him, I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. He was even larger and more imposing in size than his pictures, or my friends’ descriptions, gave him credit for. His white button up shirt and khaki colored chinos fit him like a glove. His smile was as infectious as it was devious. He had me follow him to the basement of the building and I was a little nervous over whether we would get caught, but frankly, my lust overpowered those nerves considerably.

He had to lean down a considerable distance to come in and kiss me, but the second his lips touched mine it was over. His tongue made its way into my mouth and I was all his. He slid my shirt off and I tried my hardest to let my hands roam all over his gigantic, muscled up body. He lifted me up a bit and squeezed my supple little ass as he continued to hypnotize me with his mouth…

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Click Here & Get Full Access to Fun Size Boys Click Here & Get Full Access to Fun Size Boys
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Ripley and Andrew Connor
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