He quickly began undressing me, letting his hands roam as if I’m some toy he’s been handed. He was right: I am here for him to play with. Only his shirt had been unbuttoned, his massive chest making me tremble inside. He was tall and muscular. When he leaned in for a kiss, it would have almost felt tender, if not for the carnal heat radiating off of him.

As I lowered my pants, we both noticed my excitement. I let him admire me from behind, then made my way onto his bed to undo his pants. Lionel’s impressive dick was rock-hard in his snug-fitting black briefs. As I pulled his cock out and began to taste it, I couldn’t help but notice how perfect it was, just like the rest of him. He is truly a man of power and authority.

Click Here & Get Full Access to Staghomme
Click Here & Get Full Access to Staghomme Click Here & Get Full Access to Staghomme
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The Boy Jack Waters
Two at Once
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