The Businessman

Bastian fully strips nude with Sir Peter leaving his shirt on and open. Returning to his position on his knees, Bastian takes Sir Peter’s very thick cock into his mouth. The businessman props his leg up on the desk, showing off his velvet red high socks while shoving Bastian a few inches further down on his cock. At one point, he even fully sits up on the desk wrapping his legs around the boy as he services his client.

It isn’t long before Sir Peter clears his desk of its contents to make room for Bastian to bend over. He begins playing with the boy’s hole ever so slightly before moving the bottom into position for fucking. Bastian is propped up on his side, his smooth round cheeks fully parted for the cucumber-sized member that is about to stretch his ass open. It was this level of submission that Bastian thrived on, being able to be tossed around by such a hot daddy was always a huge turn on for him.

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