Mafia’s Shadow

It’s evident to me however, that even with me having seen some of these men before, I am just another play thing to them. It’s hard for me to forget a man like Manuel Skye after having my hole practically split open by his thick uncut cock. But I am a loyal submissive, and I do whatever I am told, without question.

He undresses me as he searches for the wire that isn’t there, an excuse to feel those big hands roam across my skin, and my ass. Having a strong man take control makes me feel so small. The moment any article of clothing comes off I immediately feel dominated, almost as if with each piece I take off the closer I get to being fully aroused. I open Manuel’s shirt as he leans in for a kiss.

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Click Here & Get Full Access to Staghomme Click Here & Get Full Access to Staghomme
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Dylan Hayes Cumdump
Palmer Black and Scotty Knox
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