Helmut Huxley & Oscar Sholz

Helmut Huxley is well known for his passion for both sport and sex. Today, a sporting commitment made him late for his scheduled scene with Oscar Scholz but Helmut Huxley would never allow such a beautiful boy to leave unsatisfied. As soon as he arrives home, he starts kissing Oscar and pretty quickly heads south to discover what’s hiding in his pants. This is only the second video Oscar filmed with us but Helmut’s cock and energy help him to relax and show his true self. Oscar is a very sexual boy and loves to get fucked. His well-hung friend is exactly what he’s been hoping for. After mutual blowjobs, Oscar offers his butt to Helmut and enjoys every inch of his massive cock. Two creamy cumshots at the end of this encounter are not the last that Oscar will experience today.
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Helmut, Oscar & Jerome Exupery
Shane Mendes
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