Helmut, Oscar & Jerome Exupery

Oscar Scholz and his new friend Helmut Huxley are surprised in the shower by horny cameraman Jerome Exupery. Jerome loves to watch his partner Helmut fucking another cute guy, but also doesn’t want to be left out. For Oscar, this means only one thing… he has to offer his already wildly fucked ass to Jerome as well. After all three move back to the sofa, Jerome enjoys a two way blowjob as Helmut and Oscar take care of his dick. Oscar quickly understands his role in this threeway and jumps on four legs and submits his hole for the next round. Jerome and Helmut are a perfectly synchronized „pleasure couple“ so Oscar enjoys full service on his ass and cock at the same time. Just before the end, Helmut gets the chance to fuck Oscar’s ass once again which then leads to a wondrous triple cumshot over Oscar’s body.
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Angel Elias & Seth Cain
Helmut Huxley & Oscar Sholz
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