Whats Your Kink? Colt Spence & River Wilks

It’s time for a different kind of fun as CockyBoys presents a new WHAT’S YOUR KINK? series in which some newer faces reveal some of the secret pleasures that get them going!

Colt Spence returns to show River Wilks how he manifests the power and control of a dom through his sneaker kink! Colt is very pleased with how River complies by licking and sniffing his athletic shoes and sucking his sock-covered feet. Colt lets the hungry sub suck his hard cock and rewards River by eating out his ass and pounding his hole.

Colt also shows his passionate side by kissing and sucking River who’s eager to be a good sub by riding him hard. Soon, Colt takes control again as he drills River on his back, stuffs his mouth with socks and makes him shoot his load. Sweaty Colt showers him with a bigger load and flexes triumphantly, making River happy with a « good boy » compliment and the promise of more

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