BEEF: Kyle Denton & Jack Emhoff

RandyBlue renews its tradition of featuring fit and muscular models with BEEF, a series spotlighting well-built duos who put in the work on their bods– and appreciate those efforts in each other.

Sexual tension abounds as Kyle Denton and Jack Emhoff finally get together! They’re not just into each other’s hot bods, it’s how they use them: Kyle uses his beefcake to dominate Jack whose totally into that. He uses his considerable oral talents to service and motivate Kyle into burying his face in his bubble butt and opening him up for some hard fucking.

The guys deliver on their words: Kyle passionately pounds Jack all over the room and virtually owns Jack who in turn happily and vocally takes it all. Kyle winds up pinning Jack down on his back, fucking an intense load out of him, shooting over him and feeding him some of that tasty load. Of course, they’re both happy this happened to the extent dirty boy Jack doesn’t want to shower off !

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Click Here & Get Full Access to Randy Blue Click Here & Get Full Access to Randy Blue
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