Trevor Brooks & Swhirly

Trevor & Swhirly vividly describe their connection and show how genuinely potent it is. They make out and suck each other with same sensual energy which Swhirly continues as he primes Trevor’s hole and fucks him. As Swhirly virtually owns his hole, Trevor reacts as though this is all very new and still exciting to feel his huge cock inside him.

Swhirly is super-happy when Trevor returns the favor, sucking him, eating out his hole and pounding him over the sofa. In fact, they’re very playful necking in between their intimate fucking. The intensity builds Trevor pounds Swhirly resulting in a huge amount of cum he fucks out of him and how much he shoots over his hole and drives into him. At the end, they’re just as giddy as the first time they connected.
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