Dr. Wolf’s Office

I realized that, even if prostate exams were real, I was bent over an exam table and being finger-banged by my doctor. Before I could even decide how I felt about that, he shoved another finger in my ass. It was like my mind just stopped working. I couldn’t think about anything except those fingers reaching up into my guts.

He had me lay back down on the table and kept playing with my dick. I’m not sure why I did it, but his crotch was just inches away from my hand, and I reached out and started stroking the lump in his pants. Maybe I just wondered if he was turned on, too. He asked if I wanted to see it and I nodded my head yes. It was huge! I didn’t even know guys got that big.

So, we were jacking each other off and then he started kissing me. All of the sudden, it all felt so right. When he told me to lay face down on the table with his huge dick right in front of my face, I knew what he wanted. I started sucking on him, not sure if I was doing it right. He didn’t correct me, though. He just reached down and stuck his fingers back in my hole…

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Swallow For Stepdad
Singled Out
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