Anal Ultrasound Logan

We had a great time! It made me realize that the ultrasound was something I hadn’t done with Logan, yet. He seemed to like it, too, but the truth is once he gets a big guy’s cock pounding into him, his eyes just roll back in his head and he’s just a limp, moaning, little fucktoy. I wanted to watch my dick breed him with the ultrasound though, so this time that’s what we did.

It had been several days since I spent time with any of my special boys and I was so horny my cock was about to bust through my zipper. Lucky for me, Logan doesn’t need much warming up. Most times I do spend time eating him out and finger fucking him just because his ass is so damn sexy.

Today, though, I didn’t even take the time to strip down. I gave Logan some deep sloppy hello kisses to get him in the mood and let him know I was glad to see him. Then I stripped him down and got him up on the table. I pulled my throbbing cock out of my fly, lubed both of us up, and just shoved it in. His sweet hole just opened right up.

I reached over to turn on the monitor, pressed the ultrasound probe into his groin and watched my dick ravage his prostate. Every thrust had both of us moaning louder and louder until we couldn’t take any more and it was time for both of us to blow our loads.

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