Down Low

Soon, pants slide off, with Milo laying down on the sofa and Coach laying on top of the sexy twink. His large hands wrapped tightly around Milo’s fully hard member, Coach James brings Milo’s hard hung cock to his lips and bathes the young athlete’s shaft in saliva.

For so long Coach James could only think about having Milo’s big dick back in his mouth, but now here he is, tasting it. He did not waste a single moment, worshiping the boy’s throbbing cock he has grown so fond of for some time. This sends Milo into a fit of howls as his manhood gets serviced with such hunger.

But once Coach bends over the sofa to reveal his big hairy ass, Milo buries his face between those meaty cheeks. Coach James groans in approval as the younger athlete’s tongue works his hole over like he had done for Milo’s cock earlier. Milo can never say no to that hairy hole winking at him, it keeps his cock throbbing as he rims James’ muscle ass.

Bent over in doggie, his muscle ass in the air, Coach James takes every inch of Milo’s stiff bat, really letting the boy give it all he’s got. He works his muscles around the hung twink as the younger top fucks older bottom. He ultimately proves that what Milo lacks in physical prowess he sure makes up for with his endurance.

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