Bryson Belair, Jake Waters, Isaiah Taye

Bryson Belair and his two best friends (Isaiah Taye & Jake Waters) decided to go work out together before coming home to watch the big pay per view Boxing match. Well this turned out to be one of those 30 seconds and the guys knocked out so fast they were left wondering what to do now. Well luckily three young horny guys did not take but a minute to realize their cocks were hard and ready to go. And soon mouths and asses were filled. Bryson started in the middle and then they just kept taking turns on everyone till all of the cocks got a chance to to get there fuck on. Isaiah took the cock and gave it back with equal energy and Jake just the giver he always is. Isaiah ended up drenched in three loads of cum that left him plastered with cum and a huge smile as well.
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Ray Boogie & Jace Star
  • William Higgins
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