Benvi & Rio 9rande

What a night out Benvi and Rio 9rande had and the night took them both back to Benvi’s place. Come morning time Benvi slips out of bed trying to surprise Rio with making him breakfast but barely gets started before Rio comes out from the bedroom wearing Benvi’s robe and silently grabs Benvi’s ass to his surprise. But breakfast will have to wait as Rio wants the cakes right in front of him now. He drops down and pulls Benvi’s underwear and buries his face with that man’s cheeks. But soon his cock will rise and need thorough worshiping as well. Benvi flips around and offers his cock to suck as well. They flip suck and lick till only a fat cock will do for Benvi to ride. Taking that huge cock of Rio’s is not easy but he man’s up and takes it deep soon begging for more. Benvi needs a good ride as well and jumps up and down, front and back to get as much of that dick inside him as possible. But once on his back he quickly blows his load all over his stomach. Rio soon follows and then, finally breakfast is served.
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