I went upstairs and started packing. I guess Dad and Uncle Dylan decided that we didn’t need to leave so soon after all because I looked up and they were coming into my room, grinning. Suddenly I was pinned between those two big horny men. They were all over me. It felt like even more than four hands groping and stroking me. I could feel their hard cocks in their pants pressing up against me.

Pretty soon I was on my knees with two huge cocks to suck, and only one mouth, but I did my best. They were moaning and kissing each other. My bonus hole was trembling and practically drooling a puddle on the floor.

Dad picked me up with my back to his chest, and then pulled my knees up and spred my legs so that Uncle Dylan could fuck me. He didn’t waste a second driving his cock into my hole. I could barely even wiggle. They moved to the bed but they still held me trapped between their horny bodies. Their cocks took turns pounding into my hole. I lost count of how many times I came or how long they fucked me. I just want them to keep doing it forever.

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Click Here & Get Full Access to Transcest Click Here & Get Full Access to Transcest
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Adam and Eddie's Hungfucker Orgy
Flipping Cookout Fiasco
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