The Boy Jack Waters

After my alone time is up, I report to his room. I wait in the hall for a few minutes to step in the door just as the clock down the hall chimes. He is very stern and gruff telling me how to undress him. I try to remember as much as I can. I think it will please him if I can do it without being instructed. He likes me to look into his eyes at all times but it’s hard not to fumble without looking down.

While undressing, he spins me around, spreads my cheeks, and shoves his tongue into my hole. I don’t know if I’m allowed to make noise or not, but I can’t hold back a moan. I start sucking his cock just hoping that I will do it right. I was expecting more growling instruction but he just laid back on the velvet duvet and sighed.

He tells me to get his cock wet and that he expects me to sit on it and ride him. He feels huge in my ass. I’ve never been fucked by a grown man before. He doesn’t seem to care how much I whimper. I think he likes knowing how difficult it is to take him. I guess every man likes to think he’s hung and, in his case, he is.

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