The New Boy

Handsome, chiseled Asian stud Hiroya is the new boy around the samurai training school, and he hides a shocking secret. He’s secretly the lover of samurai master Kosuke. When he appears in Kosuke’s quarters, anxious to rekindle their love, he has to make sure no one sees and figures out their hidden love. They immediately kiss deeply and passionately, two trained warriors who know and love each other, body, mind and soul. Hiroya moves down to nibble on Kosuke’s sensitive nipples and muscular chest, and is rewarded by the samurai master offering him his mighty sword of manhood. He sucks down that fleshy sword, then Kosuke in turn makes love to Hiroya’s own weapon of love. He rocks Hiroya’s perfect body back onto his shoulders and dives his face into the young athlete’s musky buttocks. The two secret lovers settle into a loving 69, each nursing on the other’s swollen cock. Hiroya climbs up to straddle his love’s muscular waist and grind his ass onto the stiff sword of Kosuke’s passion. Moaning too loud to keep their love a secret, Hiroya revels in the hot muscular body plowing his innermost seat of pleasure. Kosuke can’t help but speed up and drill in faster, and the two race toward a hot juicy climax. Stroking his love’s hard cock, Kosuke milks out Hiroya’s load then splatters his own seed into Hiroya’s adoring mouth.
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