Come to the squat, we are two

Rafael likes to organize hard sex sessions. He found a nice squat where he decided to set up a hot threesome with Cocksucker, whom he planned to dominate with his buddy Anderson. Rafael got both guys horny as fuck : to Anderson he extolled Cocksucker’s sucking skills and obedience, promising good voyeuristic sex and great blowjobs, and to Cocksucker he set his ass on fire by assuring him he was going to get a good dose of XXL macho dicks. The guys get together and it’s straight to animality. Rafael leads the way, dominating Cocksucker and turning him into a pure cock worshiper at the service of himself and Anderson. Then he sinks every inch into the bottom’s ecstatic hole, while Anderson looks on in excitement. It’s all going to smell sex and the cum’s going to flow.
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Two Bottoms, One Top
The Boy Dylan
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