Scout Zack Pitch A Tent

I could see young Scout Zack sitting with Scoutmaster Saint in the tent. I instantly ducked behind a tree and watched them, knowing instinctively that something was about to kick off.

He may be a saint by name, but the Scoutmaster is definitely a devil by nature, and he is a fine figure of a man. I didn’t have to wait long for the show to begin. To be honest, I’ve never seen kissing like that. It was all tender and emotional to begin with, but then Scout Zack started pressing his hand against the giant bulge in his leader’s pants and the whole thing suddenly got way more passionate. They literally couldn’t get enough of each other.

The boy was soon naked and on all fours with Scoutmaster Saint lapping at his young hole with his enormous tongue. It was like a cat drinking cream. I could hear Scout Zack whimpering. His beautiful body was writhing in anticipation.

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Click Here & Get Full Access to Scout Boys Click Here & Get Full Access to Scout Boys
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Jordan Starr and Zack Dean
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