Saint Daniel & Colt Spence

Saint Daniel returns to introduce you to HIS fuck buddy Colt Spence in his CockyBoys debut. When they first met it was instant chemistry and since they see eye-to-eye on sex, it’s even stronger now. Saint REALLY enjoys sucking and deep-throating Colt who loves it entirely –just as much as he does eating out Saint’s hole and giving him some well-earned deep dicking.

After pounding him from behind, Colt is also happy to oblige Saint and let him ride his cock—until he has the desire to take charge. He sucks and drills the very limber Colt relentlessly, flexing his muscles as well ss his prowess. Soon Colt pounds the cum out of Saint and then shoots volleys of his own over him and milks his cock inside him. If you want to see true sexual joy, just look at Colt and Spence when they’re done.

Click Here & Get Full Access to Cocky Boys
Click Here & Get Full Access to Cocky Boys Click Here & Get Full Access to Cocky Boys
Viktor Rom Dominates Pietro Duarte
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