I refresh myself in the garden shower and I see MANU on the balcony. He’s really HOT, I know he’s STRAIGHT but I’m trying my luck… I ask him if I can join him… He prefers to stay alone… I still decide to join him… While we are sunbathing, leaning on the balcony railing, I gently run my hand over his butt… He is surprised and reminds me that he is STRAIGHT and that he has A GIRLFRIEND… I pretend to leave him alone, but I had a pair of handcuffs with me… I tie him to the balcony… And although he continues to tell me I’m STRAIGHT, I can see clearly that he is Exited! I tell him that it will be our secret, he replies « OK, DON’T SAY A WORD TO MY GIRLFRIEND »… I tell him I’m going to make him moan with pleasure… I feel that he wants to be dominated… I open his ass and I spit on his hole and I start licking to make him enjoy it! I jerk him off at the same time as I give him licks… I take off his swimsuit and use it to spank her! Then, I do the same with my tail… I also take off my swimsuit to make him sniff it while I jerk off between his ass! I take care of his hole again with my tongue, I see that he is jerking off… The pleasure seems to be rising in him! I lift both of his legs off the ground to put them on my shoulders and lick his beautiful hole even more! I ask him to dance for me! He carries out my orders. I offer to untie him if he promises to be a good man! I cum on his ass and remove his chains… He admits to me that he is not sure if he is completely STRAIGHT, he ties me up in turn and cums on my ass! W/ Manuel DOSIO
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