Kaden James Solo ChaosMen

Kaden James Solo

Kaden James has been eager to start doing porn since he turned 18. Despite being eager to show-off, he was a little nervous to start with.He identified as Bi when we first started talking, but I think his interest is primarily guys. He likes them big and bossy too. Kaden James has a submissive side, and really likes to bottom. Kaden has a nice thick and long dick too, and he mentioned that even Tops that fuck him gaze in wonder at the Bottom with a huge cock. Kaden James solo is very sexy, he DOES have a big dick and he slowly gets it to a full hard-on. He got totally erect with a little finger action to his hole. Yeah! Sexy Bottom!And speaking of his hole, it is perfect! As a Top, this video had me erect throughout most of the video shoot.Kaden James does try to stand to do his cum shot, but he kept shifting around out of camera range, so I suggested he lay on his back.That did the trick and he busted a huge creamy load.He will be back next week for an oral, and I am eager to see this hot guy dominated by a bossy Top after that!
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