Jesse Diamond and Connor Taylor

Connor Taylor is seated on the bed as Jesse Diamond sits on his knees between Connor’s legs. They’re the perfect height for making out. The two slowly get undressed as their lips continue to stick to each other like magnets. Both sets of hands exploring one another, until Connor pitches a noticeable tent down below.

The boys both take off their shorts and Jesse begins sucking Connor’s hung cock. The FTM stud takes his time, worshiping it with both his hands and his lips working in tandem.

Jesse lays back on the bed with his legs up in the air as his bonus hole gets penetrated by the big-dicked redhead. Connor pumps into the tattooed bottom, holding Jesse’s legs up, allowing himself to get lost in the rhythm. Jesse massages Connor’s pecs as he feels his fuckbuddy’s length slide in and out of his bonus hole, which Jesse’s using to massage Connor’s cock. Soon enough the top blasts his load deep inside of the FTM stud, leaning forward for a finishing kiss.

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Eddie Patrick and Dex Devall
Bisexual Stepdad Goes Wild
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