Hugo Carter & Shane Mendes

It’s going to be a bit of a Hugo week this week as we present the premiere of 2 of the stars of the newest team. Joining Hugo today we have Shane Mendes. Shane started on and then became interested in expanding his involvement with us and is now becoming a seasoned pro in filmed content as well.

Today’s scene was originally planned for later in the year, but we felt that it fitted in here really well and decided to move it over. After many years, we decided to move on from the Castello location in Czechia and establish a new ‘home base’ at Marty’s country retreat in the middle of Slovakia, and will be seeing a lot more of this location in the coming years.

Hugo and Shane make for a really delightful couple, youthful and full of the joy of sex, everything flows naturally and with very little direction here as they move from manual labor into lovemaking. Life is not so serious, and we should take a lesson from our 2 guys today to always make time for the better things. Both models are versatile but it seems that Hugo has a preference for bottoming, and we are certainly not going to complain. Not as voracious (yet) as Marcel, his enjoyment of getting fucked is certainly just as high if not higher, and today, he really wants to keep being fucked even after both guys have cum.

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Steve Collins & Hugo Carter
Ricky Rexx & Dakota Preston
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