Good Rubber Part 3

Good Rubber dealership co-owners Reese Rideout and Dom King gloat over the success of their commercial, boasting about how they’re not even related but people fell for their \ »brothers\ » schtick hook, line, and sinker as they rub themselves with fat stacks of cash. But the guys’ good mood quickly sours as they fight over who gets to handle the customer who just walked onto the lot, and Dom goes out to make the sale. Joey isn’t really interested in buying a car; he just heard about the blowout special, and he gets on his knees to blow Dom’s big stick shift. Reese steals the twink away to the office, and Joey gives him the blowout special too, then rides his dick. Dom comes in to steal his commission back, fucking Joey doggystyle against a car. When Reese sees the car rocking, he goes knocking and joins in for a threesome.
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