Ari Koyote and Sean Duran Chapter

These two tattooed studs are burning up the screen again! Sean Duran is a hot, tattooed, muscled, hairy-chested alpha male with a perfect thick cock. Ari Coyote is a cute tattooed trans man with an insatiable bonus hole that’s more than up for Sean’s pounding.

After some get-to-know-you kissing, Ari is on his knees giving Sean’s hard, throbbing dick the oral worship that it deserves. He proves himself as eager and able to take that cock down his throat as in his hole. His mouth and hand drives Sean to the brink, but this stud is not going to cum before he takes a ride on Ari’s sweet juicy bonus hole!

With Sean towering over his trans fucktoy, Sean shoves his cock and balls deep and starts thrusting. He soon has Ari writhing on the bed gasping in orgasmic stimulation. Sean has stamina, though, and he’s not going to cum until he’s taken full advantage of the cute man pinned underneath him.
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Click Here & Get Full Access to FTM Men Click Here & Get Full Access to FTM Men
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