Apprentice Devall

I looked at all four men. It was too dark in the chamber to guess who was behind each mask. One sat at the end of the low table, eventually removing his mask and revealing himself as Master Napoli. The others followed suit. First Master Drayke, then Apprentice Blue and finally Master Patrick. Each had played a key role in my education to this point. It was both comforting and scary to see them together.

Apprentice Blue and Master Drayke pulled away a satin sheet. The long wooden bench underneath was covered with penis-shaped objects of increasing sizes. I knew instinctively that I would eventually be required to sit down on them. Master Napoli instructed Patrick to prepare the first peg with oil. I then dutifully lowered myself down onto it.

Master Patrick was then instructed to prepare the next peg and then the next… and I obediently made my way along the bench, riding each in turn. Each was larger than the one before, and the experience became increasingly intense.

Finally Master Patrick was instructed to prepare the last peg, which was way too big for me. I knew it just by looking at it. It was bulbous. It was insanely large. I had to acknowledge defeat.

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